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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Co-ed organization?

Yes! In fact, we were the nation's first co-ed business fraternity!

Who can join Delta Sigma Pi? 

Any student in Spears School of Business or related business major/minor. 

Is recruitment only in the fall? 

No, we offer recruitment for potential new members in both fall and spring. 

What are the requirements to join DSP? 

- 2.5 GPA or higher

- fill out the application ("Apply Now")

- Business major or minor (MBA students welcome!)

- interview after the application 

How much of a commitment is DSP? 

We have weekly chapter meetings on Tuesday at 7:00 pm. We also require members to attend a few social/professional events each semester.

Can I be a part of a social sorority/fraternity and join DSP?

Yes! Many of our members are in Greek life outside of DSP. We also have many executive team members who are a part of Greek life as well. 

What differs this from a social fraternity/sorority? 

DSP is all about getting you connected and prepared for your professional life after college. DSP offers members a vast alumni network all around the world. We also offer professional and leadership development to help prepare members for their careers after college. 

Hazing Policy?

Delta Sigma Pi is against every and any form of hazing. There will be no form of hazing within Delta Sigma Pi.

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